After Care Instructions


Precision Attachment Denture Care

  1. Brush your denture with a denture toothbrush (inside and out) daily with a non-abrasive, non-whitening toothpaste.
  2. Brush the attachments in your mouth. If there is still food in the attachment, bite the end of a wooden toothpick until it is fanned out and clean the food from the indentations in the attachment parts.
  3. Soak your denture in a denture cleanser once a week, or more often if needed, to help remove stains. Use only the 10-15 minute denture soaks – no overnight cleansers. It is important to clean the attachments in the denture with soap and water following cleanser use.
  4. Keep denture in water (or a moist environment) when not being worn to prevent cracking or distortion of the denture.
  5. Do not bite your denture into place. This could damage the attachments in the denture and prevent the denture from snapping into place. This can be easily fixed by replacing the inexpensive attachments in the denture base.
  6. When removing the denture, loosen by rocking the denture back and forth to prevent torquing of the attachments in the denture base.
  7. Keep your denture out of reach of pets.
  8. Do not wear your denture at night. Doing so may damage your jaw ridges and cause uncomfortable gum infections.

Please call us immediately if there are any changes to your bite when wearing your denture, or you develop tenderness when wearing your denture


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